By: Ricardo Medeiros

Beyond Boxes: Packing Materials You May Need for your Move

Tags: Packing Materials

As you can probably guess, when you're preparing to move, you'll need boxes and tape — and, perhaps some bubble-wrap or old newspapers to use as protective wrapping for delicate items.

But that may not be all you need. Take a look at this list and see if you'll want any of these on hand while you’re packing or on moving day.

• Colour markers for labelling boxes. (Tip: Colour coding boxes by room will make unpacking much easier.)
• Stretch wrap to protect larger items that can't fit into a box.
• Small plastic bags to store dis-assembled parts, such as sofa legs, cabinet hardware, etc. (You don't want to lose them!)
• Moving blankets to protect floors.
• A dolly or hand truck to move heavy items. (You can rent these.)
• Mattress moving bag. This helps prevent stains and tears during your move. You can also buy specialty bags for sofas and tables.
• Reusable foam furniture sliders, to protect floors when furniture needs to be pushed into place.
• Foam corner protectors. This prevents furniture with sharp corners from banging and damaging other items during a move.

?Planning ahead and having the right packing materials on hand will make your move less stressful and, hopefully, damage-free!


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