Buying Extra Storage for your Electronic Records

By: Ricardo Medeiros

Buying Extra Storage for your Electronic Records

Tags: Portable storage, Cloud storage, Large backup units

There are many storage options for your household items. For example, receipts and other paper records can be stored in a file box. Seasonal items, such as winter clothing, can be put in the basement. You can even rent a local storage unit to help with decluttering.

But what about stuff that exists electronically? These days, many important records -- vacation pictures, tax receipts, home videos, school documents, etc. -- are in the form of PDFs, JPEGs, and other electronic formats. Having those reside entirely on your computer is risky. What if your computer crashes?
Someone smart once said, "A computer file isn't a file until it's in two places." So, the solution is to store your important electronic documents in a second place. Here are the most common options:

  • Portable storage. These are data storage devices that fit in the palm of your hand. For most homes, 1T (terabyte) of memory is plenty.
  • Cloud storage. Box, DropBox, and iCloud are the biggest players here. The advantage of storing your documents "in the cloud" is that, unlike portable storage, you can't damage or lose it.
  • Large backup units. These larger units continuously backup your files so you don't even have to think about it. 
Whatever option you choose, the important thing is to have a duplicate or backup of your important files, so you never have to worry about losing them.

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