By: Ricardo Medeiros

What Steps are we taking at RE/MAX Real Estate Centre due to COVID-19?

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Hi, my name is Ricardo Medeiros. I'm a Sales Representative with RE/MAX Real Estate Centre. 

I wanted to reach out to you, and address what steps myself and RE/MAX Centre is currently taking at this stressful time due to COVID-19.

As we do everything we can to fight this virus, we realize now more than ever just how much we all need each other. 

Our sense of awareness of the importance of family and friends is intensified by our physical distancing. 

Now is a time to stay connected to our loved ones more than ever, even if it's only through technology at this time. 

Now, we thank all of the frontline workers who take care of us all from healthcare professionals, grocery employees, delivery people to fire and police officers, and there's so many others.

At this critical time, there are many people who have sold their homes and need to find another. 

Those who have purchased a home and need to sell theirs in order to fulfill their contractual obligations. 

And then there's those who need to sell their home now due to unforeseen circumstances and renters who need a place to live. 

These families and many others, they've been caught off guard in this time of uncertainty.

Now, the Ontario government has recognized this need and has defined real estate as an essential service. 

Now, we're grateful that we can help our clients in this time of crisis, but in saying that, we want to reassure all of our clients that we at RE/MAX Real Estate Centre do not take this responsibility lightly. 

We've taken substantial measures to make sure that health and safety is of utmost priority for all of our clients and our staff.

We've instituted safe viewing protocols on all our listed properties, both for our sellers, buyers, and renter clients. 

Now these include health questionnaires, virtual showings, e-signatures, e-transfers, and touchless showing procedures. 

Our mandate is to provide safe, competent service to everyone we work with, to help our clients needs and to do what's necessary.

In the middle of this crisis, we have adapted and adjusted to this new normal. 

We take that responsibility so seriously and we thank all of our clients for the privilege of serving their needs in this difficult time. 

We've directed every one of our agents to strictly adhere to these new measures and protocols to not only help our clients but to do so in a safe and controlled environment.

Now, if you choose to wait until this crisis is over and you're able to do that, your agent will be in regular contact with you with updates on market conditions, and most importantly, health and safety guidelines that affect real estate activity. 

If on the other hand, you're one of the many that require our services now, rest assured we will stop at nothing to ensure your safety as we navigate this process together.

For now, I thank you for the confidence you have in me and RE/MAX Real Estate Centre and in all our hardworking partners. And from my family to yours, please stay safe, healthy, and thank you for listening.Blog Post Here