Repairs or Touch-ups to Improve Value

By: Ricardo Medeiros

Repairs or Touch-ups to Improve Value

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First of all, keep in mind that you don’t need a giant improvement to achieve your goal. Small improvements introduced in almost every room, including the exterior of the house is what we are aiming for.

Here are some tips to get you started:

De-cluttering is also a part of cleaning, so get rid of things you don’t need to make room for new ones.

Go out and see how other people would judge your exterior.

Does it need repainting? Is there a walkway that you can highlight by introducing some flowers?

Keep it simple but try to make it neat.

That’s what we look for when we are inspecting houses to buy one.

Renovating it using modern décor is going to instantly improve the value of your home.


Because people have an eye for the kitchen and they want it to be just perfect.

Even if they would have to compromise on other rooms, they will buy a home just because its kitchen is well-maintained and inviting.

Replace the faucets, and clean up the bathroom counter. We would again emphasize on simplicity because simple and neat arrangements are usually easy to clean and maintain.

What to Invest in?

So, you’re done decluttering, cleaning and upgrading.

What’s next? Well, if you have a good investment to make for your home, it is recommended to divide it into three or four parts to bring some really impressive improvements to your home.

Here are some areas you might want to think about seriously:

But for this you would need to buy fixtures and other equipment for each and every room in order to make it look consistent and attractive.

Your home will not sell fast and at a price you have in mind if you haven’t already invested in making the plumbing system better and improved.

Tiled floors are also fairly acceptable.  If you think this improvement would bring you high profits, make it right away.

What’s really worth repairing?

Remember that it is not wise to spend your money on each and everything just to have it repaired. Not all things are worth repairing; some need to be thrown out and others need to be replaced. This is one principle that most people follow when they stage their home.

Inspect each and every aspect of your home and then come up with a plan that will go with your budget and also bring improvement to your home. You may want to replace outdated appliances in the kitchen. Repairing these machines is not an option, so you will have to get rid of them and buy new ones.

If your budget doesn’t allow this upgrade, simply give the ones you use a color-boost or something like that to at least improve their appearance.

If you already have wooden floors installed at home, look for scratches and be prepared for some refinishing. This is one aspect most home buyers would look into closely, but there’s no need to replace the entire flooring.

Wooden floors look great even if they are old and worn out. Give them a little lift-up to make them more attractive and appealing.

Nowadays energy efficiency has found its way into many of our systems including the windows. Now people look for the latest windows and other systems that are designed to be more energy efficient providing a number of health and environmental benefits.

Replace your old windows for these new ones if you want to improve the value of your home through small yet significant changes.

If your bathroom floors are tiled, look for any flaws or cracks especially if the tiles are white or light colored. These types of flaws are hard to conceal even if you arrange everything else very neatly.

So, before investing in other bathroom accessories and putting in your efforts to de-clutter it, replace a cracked floor tile.