Info on Mississauga Ontario.

By: Ricardo Medeiros

Info on Mississauga Ontario.

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Mississauga, Ontario has a lot to offer and has great history. It was incorporated in 1968, With a population of 721,599 as of the 2016 census, it is Canada's sixth-most populous municipality, and has almost doubled in population in each of the last two decades. During the latter-half of the 20th century, the city attracted a multicultural population and built-up a thriving central b...Read More

By: Ricardo Medeiros

5 Most Expensive Neighbourhoods in Mississauga

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Here are the top 5 most luxurious neighbourhoods in Mississauga, based on the prices specific homes sold for. 5) Port Credit Port Credit just edged out Erin Mills for the final spot in the luxury home market in 2016. Both had six homes that sold above the two million dollar mark but Port Credit edged out Erin Mills in dollar volume at $13,795,000 above the $13,315,000 in Erin Mills. That being...Read More

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Neighborhoods in MISSISSAUGA

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  There are many great Neighborhoods in MISSISSAUGA that are perfect places to call home. Perfect for families, singles, couples, or a place to call your forever home. You can find it in these neighborhoods.  Each of these cities have their own history and amazing features:  Port Credit- which is the oldest village in Mississauga with over 300 years in history. It's also...Read More

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What You Need to Know about “Interest Free” Deals

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Next to your home and car, home furnishings represent the most expensive product purchases homeowners make. A mid-quality livingroom set, with sofa and two side chairs, can cost thousands of dollars. That’s why most furniture retailers offer “interest free” and “pay much later” deals to soften the blow. These are basically financing options. Say, for example, you wan...Read More

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Open House Questions Some Buyers Forget to Ask

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An Open House is an event. And, like many events, it’s easy to get caught up in all the excitement and energy. In fact, when you visit an Open House, you might even end up rubbing elbows with other buyers who are there at the same time. It can feel like a party! In an environment like that, it’s not unusual to forget to ask important questions about the property. Here are some of the ...Read More

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10 Fun Things to Do in Mississauga for the Holiday Season

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The subdued city of Mississauga, a city away from the metropolitan hustles and bustles of Toronto. A city where families spend their slackened evenings in tiny homes and massive outstretched gardens. But with the holiday season around the corner, this city comes to life with cultural and seasonal thriving. It has somehow managed to master the art of dancing on the tune of times. It is a city whic...Read More

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Basic tips on childproofing your home:

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Childproofing tips for your home If you have young children, or expect a visit from friends or relatives with  little ones in tow, it pays to ensure your home is free of hazards. The last  thing you want is an injury that could have easily been prevented.  Here are some basic childproofing tips. • • Remove everything that is toxic, hot or sharp, from...Read More

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A simple technique for dealing with a person who is angry at you:

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When Someone is Upset with You   It may be a co-worker who feels slighted because of something you said at  a meeting, a driver you inadvertently cut off on the way to work or a  neighbour who's upset because your tree has branched too far into his yard.  It's almost impossible to go through life -- or even a week -- without  someone bec...Read More

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When selling your home, be sure to plan for the "pet issue":

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Be Sure to Plan for the “Pet Issue”  If you have pets, you probably adore them. They're part of the family! But  when you're preparing your home for sale, you need to think about how  you're going to deal with the "pet issue".  Some potential buyers who view your property may love pets as much as  you do. However, ot...Read More

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4 home hazards you may not know about:


4 Home Hazards You May Not Know About  You have smoke detectors. Your doors have good locks. The bathtub has a  slip-free pad. By all accounts, your home is a safe and secure place for your  family to live.  However, there are some hazards that many homeowners don't consider or  even know about. For instance:  1. Blocked eavestroughs. Ea...Read More

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