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Some good information on upgrading or adding interior doors.

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Doorways to Better Living Spaces  When people renovate or remodel a room, they almost always overlook the  door. However, changing the style of an interior door, or adding a new one,  can dramatically change the look of a living space – often for the better.  The most common type of door is the traditional solid 6-panel door. But  there are man...Read More

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The role proper lighting plays in making your home more appealing to buyers:

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Light Your Way to a Faster Sale  Remember the last time you visited an upscale furniture showroom? The  furniture and fixtures on display probably looked great. The colours and  textures jumped out at you. It was a feast for the eyes!  There is a good reason for this: lighting.  Of course, the quality of the products has a lot to do with how appealin...Read More

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Making Your Kitchen More Attractive to Buyers

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Making Your Kitchen More Attractive to Buyers  What's one of the most important rooms in your home? When it comes to  selling your property quickly, and for the best price, the answer is clearly the  kitchen. In fact, one of the most common explanations a particular buyer  gives for not making an offer is, "I liked the house, but I wasn't too kee...Read More

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How to Discourage Buyers from Buying Your Home

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How to Discourage Buyers from Buying Your Home If you're listing your home for sale, then of course you’ll want to make the best impression possible on potential home buyers. But, just to have a little fun, say you don't want to sell your property. What could you do to discourage those who view your home? Well, you could have your pets in the home during viewin...Read More

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Too many personal items in your home can distract and discourage home buyers. More tips here:

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Doubling Your Storage Space (While Using the Same Space) Finding storage space in the home is becoming increasingly challenging. These days, we all just seem to have more stuff! Fortunately, you don't necessarily need to rent a storage locker or add a new room to your home to fit everything. There are many innovative ways to increase the capacity of the storage space you...Read More

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Here's what to bring with you when viewing a home on the market:


How to Be a Savvy Home Viewer If you're planning on finding your next dream home, then you're probably going to view several homes on the market that meet your criteria. You will want to make the right purchasing decision for you and your family. So, it's wise to be savvy when viewing properties for sale. Here are some ideas on how to do that. • Bring a ...Read More

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Magnificent Makeovers on a Budget


Magnificent Makeovers on a Budget Have you ever watched those TV shows where some lucky homeowner gets a room redecorated by a professional? To have something similar done in your own home you would have to make a serious investment, or become a TV show guest! However, there are ways to re-decorate a room and make it look great – even spectacular – on a budge...Read More

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5 Tips for Selling Your Home Quickly


5 Tips for Selling Your Home Quickly There are several reasons why you may need to sell your home quickly. For example, a job change may require a speedy relocation to another city, or you may have purchased another property and don't want to be stuck too long with two mortgages. Here are some tips that can help get the sold sign on your front lawn sooner. •...Read More

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How the game Monopoly can help you find the right home:


Take a Walk on the Boardwalk (or Sidewalk) If you've played the game Monopoly then you've probably picked up the Chance card that reads, "Take a walk on the Boardwalk. If you pass Go..." That's good advice when shopping for a new home. When you see a property you like and you’re thinking of making an offer, spend some time walking around the neigh...Read More

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Here are some tips on selecting a reputable contractor:


How to Find a Reputable Contractor There are so many horror stories about disreputable or incompetent home improvement contactors that television shows have been made about them. Unless you want to be a guest on one of those programs, take steps to ensure you find a good contractor. Here are some tips that will help: • Ask for references. Speak to the references. ...Read More